That’s right. As Twitchy reported, Twitter was buzzing with the news of an Obamacare event fail in Virginia Sunday.

Twitchy brought you schadenfreudelicious photos of other total flop Obama parties in Virginia as well … massive crowds numbering in the ones!

Politico has now changed its headline to run cover for the incredibly shrinking cult as Twitter user @Lachlan noticed:

Politico did not note the change anywhere in the article, aside from this note: Updated: 8/5/13 7:06 AM EDT. Here is the current headline:


And here is a screenshot of the original headline:


Oh, lapdogs! Don’t you know that Twitchy and Twitter are forever?

Twitter users call out the Politico hacks and wonder who got the phone call.



Perhaps this is the reason they thought no one would notice:

Indeed. Hack-tastic.


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