Twitchy CEO Michelle Malkin has been among the most vocal calling for the dismantling of the government’s highly flawed program of educational “standards” known as Common Core. In her most recent column, zeroed in on the havoc wreaked by Common Core pushers like Jeb Bush and recently-resigned Florida Education Commissioner Tony Bennett:

These good ol’ boys bonded over their zeal for the top-down racket known as Common Core. As I’ve reported previously, this Fed Ed program is supported by both big-business interests (Microsoft founder Bill Gates and News Corp. founder Rupert Murdoch’s education arm) and government educrats. Progressive activists in both parties have worked on nationalized standards, tests and curriculum for decades under previous names: outcome-based education, national school-to-work, Goals 2000 and No Child Left Behind, for example. Obama administration bribery through “Race To The Top” greased the wheels for adoption of the Common Core program by cash-strapped states, many of which had more rigorous standards than the fed-imposed system.

Common Core cheerleaders falsely claimed that untested standards were“internationally benchmarked.” Math and English standards have been dumbed down. And a plethora of data-mining firms stand to gain billions from student information gathered under the Common Core assessments umbrella. The Obama administration’s sabotage of federal educational privacy protections will help supply that data to the highest crony bidders.

Be sure to read the whole thing.

Malkin’s exposé on the insidious corruption and cronyism didn’t sit well with Tampa-based redefinED, whose stated mission is to “recast the way we perceive public education.” In his rebuttal to Malkin’s piece, titled “Michelle Malkin’s got Florida wrong,” redefinED’s Patrick Gibbons accused Malkin of making “careless generalizations” to “attack Common Core” and asserted that criticism of Bush’s educational “reforms” is “irresponsible.”

Malkin didn’t see it that way, and she fought back on Twitter:

Politicians are gambling with our children’s futures. Malkin is not afraid to call Common Core “reformers” out, regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum.

Don’t. Back. Down.

Bingo. We can’t be afraid to call out politicians on either side for their bad decisions. Especially when it comes to our children.



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