Benghazi is “worth investigating after all”? But … it happened a long time ago, no? Plus, “phony” scandal. Aren’t those the talking points?

Conor Friedersdorf writes:

Like many people, I figured anti-American radicals had launched the attack, guessed that Obama was as upset about it as anyone, and didn’t blame him or Hillary Clinton for failing to secure a diplomatic outpost in an unstable country. I opposed Team Obama’s reelection for totally unrelated reasons.

With House Republicans and talented national security journalists covering the story even after the election, and nothing to add myself, I tuned out every time I heard the word “Benghazi” on the news.

Because, really, what difference did it make?


Following CNN’s explosive report that dozens of CIA operatives were on the ground in Benghazi and the agency is allegedly engaged in an “unprecedented attempt” to bury Benghazi secrets, Friedersdorf concludes it’s “worth investigating after all.” Welcome aboard, Captain Obvious.

OK, so now Friedersdorf has questions. Any other takers? Come and get it, lapdogs:

It does make a difference.


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