A video from June which shows Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper using the “N-word” while attending a concert recently made the rounds and raised eyebrows, not to mention tempers. Cooper has since apologized and been fined by the team.

Both Riley and the Eagles have released statements:

Seemingly unaware that it’s technically none of his business, Philadelphia’s mayor is saying Riley shouldn’t get off too easy:

We should add that to date in 2013 there have been 145 homicides in Philadelphia, so Riley Cooper’s language, while offensive and uncalled for, is far from the worst thing to happen to the City of Brotherly Love this year.

Given the nature of the kinds of things that happen in sports on a fairly regular basis, talk host Larry Elder was perplexed by the seeming extra scrutiny on Riley Cooper and asked several questions via his Twitter feed:

We’ll close with some more perspective:


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