David Axelrod is hoping that Messina will throw his hat into the U.S. Senate ring, but he won’t be getting his wish just yet. British Prime Minister David Cameron requires Messina’s services now:

The Tories are concerned about their success against the Labour Party in 2015 and are impressed with Messina’s work on the 2012 Obama campaign.

Here’s what Messina had to say about being recruited, via the Washington Post:

In an e-mail, Messina said he has “long admired Prime Minister [David] Cameron,” who is fiscally conservative but liberal on other issues including climate change and foreign assistance.

“While I will not be moving to London, nor will I be managing any type of day to day political operations, I will be offering strategic campaign advice leading up to 2015,” he added.

OK. Let’s get this straight: Cameron wants to make sure that the Conservatives are well-equipped to face off against the Labour Party … so he’s going with this guy:

Messina SMASH.  on Twitpic

Well, if all else fails, Jim can teach the Conservatives how to shadowbox!

It puts the clotted cream on its skin?




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