That was some nap. Organizing for Action’s @OFATruthTeam tonight issued its first tweet since Election Day, drawn out of hibernation to help the president sell Obamacare to a skeptical public. The Truth Team managed to stay quiet through all of those “phony scandals” that have popped up in the interim, but apparently there’s just too much “misinformation” floating around out there about the Affordable Care Act not to intervene. Besides, the president’s promised 100 percent of his time and energy to restoring the middle class, so he’s kind of busy — that’s where you come in.

Of course the Truth Team is back! Obama still hasn’t stopped campaigning, so why should his campaign team? We should note, though, that while the Truth Team is soliciting members, it’s not taking requests.

Universal ridicule managed to drive into hiding; how long will the undead Truth Team stick around?