We almost miss the good old days when President Obama’s “Attack Watch” had its own stark black-and-red website, where citizens could anonymously report their friends and neighbors who were spreading “misinformation” about the president. Hit with waves of ridicule, Attack Watch quietly became the Obama campaign’s Truth Team, which went dormant for a while after the 2012 election.

Now that the president has dispatched Jon Bon Jovi, Will Ferrell and the rest of his Entertainment Advisory Council to the front lines to help the public swallow the bitter pill that is Obamacare, Organizing for Action has reactivated its Truth Team. The Washington Post reports today that Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick helped kick off the effort to straighten out those misinformed friends and neighbors who aren’t yet sold on government-run health insurance.

Recounting how relatives, friends and neighbors can often be misinformed about the president’s policies, Patrick writes in the e-mail obtained by The Washington Post, “By signing up for Truth Team, you’ll get tip sheets, regular updates, and all the facts and figures you need to make sure your friends, family, and coworkers know the facts… Having a group of dedicated folks on your side to fight back against the lies is crucial. Trust me, I know, and it makes a difference.”





Is Truth Team hiring full-time? How are the benefits?