Remember when Anthony Weiner couldn’t “say with certitude” if the crotch shot broadcast from his Twitter account was indeed his? Evidently, Carlos Danger just has trouble with simple questions. The Daily News asked:

There is no one you are sexting now?

What’s it gonna be, Carlos? Yes … or … no?

You can quibble about beginnings, middles and ends but what we’re talking about is over a year ago.

It’s complicated. One never knows when the “point of al Qaida’s sword” will emerge.

So, the Sydney Leathers sexting was “over a year ago,” but as for others? C’mon, guys. He said “other texts and photos were likely to come out.” And he’s hard at work making sure that happens. All. Night. Long.

By the way, Daily News, what’s with this?

Hey, at least the Daily News asked. The New York Times? Not so much.


The Daily News has revised its article, indicating that Weiner’s answer about sexting was “transcribed incorrectly.” Here’s how his answer now appears in the article: