Question for ABC: Exactly what style guide requires the use of “Puerto Rican” for a juror and “white Hispanic” for a defendant? Those are the terms used in an ABC News article on Juror B29, a minority member of the “all-white Zimmerman jury” we’ve heard so much about.

All six of the jurors were women and Maddy, 36, who is Puerto Rican, was the only minority to deliberate in the racially charged case. Zimmerman, 29, was a white Hispanic and Martin, 17, was black.

And not to get too picky, but George Zimmerman “was” a white Hispanic?

Even the New York Times conceded that “white Hispanic” was “not very commonly used” before Zimmerman became a household name. But “screw that,” said ABC. We’ll use “white Hispanic” when it helps further the narrative of a “racially charged case” and you’ll like it!

To close this out, let’s let Larry Elder voice the pressing question on all of our minds: