That pretty much sums up the Cincinnati Enquirer’s bizarre social media blunder. WTF, guys?

The fabulous @LilMissRightie caught this retweet from the Enquirer’s verified Twitter account on Wednesday night. Note the Jim Carrey-style editorializing in this screen shot taken from Topsy.


The Enquirer’s social media person followed up with this reply to @LilMissRightie:


Yes, yes. Someone died. But we’re tickled pink about bringing you the news. Victim-giggles!

Both tweets were quickly deleted, but the Cincinnati Enquirer is about to learn the hard way that Twitchy and Twitter are forever.

Unreal, indeed.

Definitely shoody business. Here’s the Enquirer’s story on the shooting death. This one was tweeted sans emoticon.


The Cincinnati Enquirer tweeted an apology shortly after Twitchy published the deleted tweets.