Maybe if San Diego Mayor Bob Filner had a funnier name — Weiner, perhaps — there would be more headlines about the four women who came forward just today to accuse him of making unwanted sexual advances. Democrat Filner says he’s “saddened” by the charges against him, which include allegations that he fondled, groped, and caught women in what accuser Patti Roscoe described as the “famous headlock.”

Certainly the (D) next to Filner’s name provides some insulation from media scrutiny, but doesn’t the “war on women” label apply here? Ace has some questions about the misunderstood mayor who just liked to hug too much.

Time for a hashtag?

But seriously, folks.

Democrat city council members and others who preferred to look the other way are now admitting Filner is “toxic” and urging him to resign, though Filner told reporters today, “Let’s take a deep breath, let that process work itself out. Meanwhile, we got a city to run.”  Surely there’s a better place for a man of Filner’s talents, right?

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