Oh dear. Fox News’ Julie Banderas took to Twitter to report being all Weiner-ed out as only she can.

Full tweet:

Yeah I meant to say “Anthony”. Oops. RT @GallSueJoe: Oopppsss @JulieBanderas almost said “another #Weiner leads the race”. tough thing to cover with a straight face.

Full tweet:

I honestly wish he would change his name. I’ll have to repeat it again tomorrow. RT @ruff_1: @JulieBanderas Yes, I could see you earning your pay. I count you as one not charmed with him.



Just end every statement with “Weiner.” Truly enough said!

Ha! Perhaps we should pass that one along to Drudge editor Joseph Curl, who suggested and received hilarious Weiner headline ideas.

Banderas ended her tweets with a serious question.


Why, indeed?

Never change, Julie Banderas. As for the continued Weiner coverage … Godspeed.


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