editor Erick Erickson has a scoop that should disappoint millions but surprise no one. Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) is one of the few but growing number of legislators trying to defund the runaway train that is Obamacare, but according to Erickson’s source, the effort is being undermined from the very top of the Republican leadership.


The news shouldn’t surprise Lee either, and he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. In a brief video posted to Instagram today, Lee tells a caller that he has built a coalition of 15 Senators so far.

The momentum is building to eliminate finding for #obamacare.

A video posted by Senator Mike Lee (@senmikelee) on

No surprise here: among those Senators on board is Texas’ Ted Cruz, who says he won’t vote to fund one penny of Obamacare. Florida’s Marco Rubio seems to be on board as well.

Could some of the momentum to defund Obamacare be coming from the Democrats? Lee notes that moderate Democrats aren’t so comfortable riding the Obamacare train now that the wheels are coming off one by one.

Could someone make sure the GOP leadership sees that chart?