The last time a story from sports site caused such a stir on Twitter, it involved University of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o and his non-existent girlfriend. That story went from amusing to downright sad as details emerged, but today’s story, covering an abortion contract allegedly drawn up in 2007 between the NBA’s J.J. Redick and his girlfriend, has no funny side.

“The document is essentially a contract that seems to be the result of Redick and [his then-girlfriend Vanessa] Lopez negotiating how the latter’s impending abortion should be handled,” writes Tom Ley. The contract, reportedly drafted when Redick was a 22-year-old rookie, also stipulated that “any contact between the two after the ‘relationship’ has reached its conclusion would be considered stalking.”

The contract was certainly a private document about a personal matter that was never intended for public inspection. Now that it’s out, though,’s Guy Benson and others aren’t about to hide their disgust.

If this isn’t #BroChoice in action, what is?