Many entertainers visited the White House today for a meeting of the president’s “Entertainment Advisory Council” on Obamacare. Everybody knows the government can’t fashion a workable health care system without planning for subsequent train wreck management, and that’s where Bon Jovi, Will Ferrell, Oprah and the rest will be asked to use all their talents to convince people the health care law doesn’t suck.

Among the visitors to the White House was “Funny or Die” host Billy Eichner, who appears in the above photo with actress and former Saturday Night Live cast member Amy Pohler.

The name of the group struck a couple of tweeters as interesting considering the topic is health care:

So far the Democrats don’t seem to be bothered by the irony of the word “affordable” in the title of the law, so we doubt that the words “or die” in the name of a supportive group will matter either.