Actor James Woods has discovered the power of Twitter. But that’s not all: He is continuing to speak real truth to power.

As Twitchy reported, the actor took on the despicable terror-glamorizing mag Rolling Stone and publisher Jann Wenner with an epic rant. He also slammed Obama as only he can.

Woods is now not only rightly blasting media bias, but liberal lockstep in general.

Heh. Yes, but facts are often hard for the Left.


Woods comments with frankness on a number of issues. His entire feed, including his replies to liberals, is a must- read. But, here is a quick sampling:

Bam! The actor has no patience for foul race-baiters either.

Double amen.

The actor weighed in on Benghazi, Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton as well. Hint: More truth to power.

Golf clap.

He then followed-up on his epic rant against Rolling Stone. And it was beautiful:

That’s right: An editor for Rolling Stone deleted a tweet that said, “I guess we should have drawn a dick on Dzhokhar’s face.


Woods just recently started tweeting up a (glorious) storm.

Oh, it did. Please don’t stop!

Fellow conservative actor Nick Searcy (and Twitter user extraordinaire) won’t back down either.

Twitter users hope the truth-talking continues.

We agree. Follow @RealJamesWoods and be sure to read his entire feed.


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