Some people on the far left side of the aisle will never admit that their blueprints for liberal/socialist utopias are colossal failures. It’s far easier to blame those who have so far managed to avoid becoming casualties of left-wing social experiments.

Former Clinton labor secretary and current professor at U.C. Berkeley, Robert Reich, is one of the people who believes the plan is flawlessly designed, but the problem is that the country isn’t implementing it according to how he worked it through on the chalkboard.

Not everybody is buying it though:

Here’s one possible future, but probably not:

If the people of means, such as Robert Reich (we’re guessing Reich does not live in east Oakland and is therefore part of the problem, according to his logic), have already “left the poor behind,” and the poor can’t afford to leave, what would the wall be for? Raquetball?

However, if the purpose of the walls would be to keep out leftist social engineers, that might be the idea of the century and the single best way to start rebuilding America’s cities.

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