Pro-aborts have repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to exploit children in order to further their sick agenda. But the idea that these degenerates are actively encouraging children to break out on their own and speak up in defense of abortion? Truly sickening.

Enter Billy Joe Cain of Austin, Texas. Last week, we told you about the young girl in Texas carrying a sign that read “Jesus isn’t a dick, so keep him out of my vagina!” As it turns out, Cain claims his young daughter came up with that sign all on her own:

His daughter. A girl who, according to Cain’s Facebook page, only recently graduated from middle school.

And it gets worse:

Only in a twisted mind could advocating for the murder of unborn babies be seen as a family activity.

This? This is something to be proud of? This is what you want to teach your daughter about her value as a woman and the value of human life?

What about standing up for the rights of all those daughters yet to be born? Or do those rights not matter?

No one wants to kill babies — except for rabid pro-abortion activists like Cain.

Shame on him. Shame.

(Hat tip: Students for Life)