Oh dear. As Twitchy reported, CNN aired an interview with Zimmerman trial witness Rachel Jeantel Monday night.She taught Piers Morgan the proper use of the “N- word.Fascinating!

Piers Morgan upped the absurdity on Twitter Tuesday by claiming the defense failed by not being as brilliant an interviewer as he is. Bless his heart.

Laura Ingraham gloriously slammed CNN’s absurd coverage.


Ingraham then gave the media at large the business for its despicable Zimmerman coverage.

Conservative author Larry Elder, who slammed President “If I had a son” Obama with one question, also weighed in.

Ingraham then brilliantly takes President Obama to task as well.


Ingraham then tweeted out some bonus scoop: A presidential run is in the future?

Fight like a girl, baby. And stay tuned!


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