“Vapid stupidity.” Try and remember those two words for later on.

Actress Kirstie Alley obviously wanted to weigh in on the latest controversy by supplying the kind of sanctimony only certain Hollywood figures can provide. To that apparent goal, all we can say is “Mission: Accomplished.”

Shortly after making the above tweet, Alley wrote the following, which she deleted not long after publishing, but not before it got plenty of re-tweets:


“We”? Was Allie admitting to some sort of crime? Of course not, but those are the kinds of mistakes one can make when in a hurry to jump aboard a bandwagon.

Before and after Alley deleted that tweet, responses rolled in on Twitter:


After a while, Alley tweeted this:


Which might explain why she deleted that tweet.

Admittedly, Alley did prove her point, in an ironic “Al Gore flying halfway around the world on a private jet to get to an emergency summit on lowering greenhouse gas emissions” kind of way.

Having previously spoken out against “vapid stupidity,” Alley closed the debate out by admitting that she is, according to her, an idiot:

Apology accepted.


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(Hat tip: @NYC_Infidel)