Did the Associated Press really announce that it stands with late-term abortion defender Wendy Davis in her fight against the right to life?

Yes, yes it did. Advocacy journalism on parade:


The #StandWithWendy hashtag is used by the Texas state senator’s supporters to profess their allegiance to their “hero.” Its use in that AP tweet signed “JM” didn’t go unnoticed.


When the AP “evolved” its stylebook to exclude “illegal immigrant,” Twitchy founder/CEO Michelle Malkin wrote:

It’s not media bias that’s the problem, of course. It’s the sanctimonious pretense of objectivity to which these alleged practitioners of journalism cling.


Despite the endorsement of Davis and her tampon-toting #StandWithWendy supporters, the AP tries desperately to cling to that pretense of objectivity. What say you, AP?


Hat tip: @hale_razor