We don’t remember anyone at Salon.com denouncing comedian Patton Oswalt for his vulgar gay-baiting of Michele Bachmann’s husband Marcus, which was likely excused under what would later be known as the Alec Baldwin clause. Racism, though, is another matter entirely, and race-obsessed Salon isn’t letting Oswalt get away with a joke following the unbelievable pranking of WTVU. No, the pilot flying Asiana Airlines Flight 214 wasn’t named “Captain Sum Ting Wong,” inspiring some follow-up ridicule from Oswalt.

That, in turn, inspired Salon to publish a piece denouncing Oswalt and his “racist, unoriginal joke.” Too bad Oswalt didn’t read Joan Walsh’s handy piece in Salon entitled, “How not to seem like a racist,” but honestly, that article was written with right-wingers in mind. Salon expects higher standards from liberal comedians.

Oswalt wasn’t about to let Salon’s jab go unanswered, and his followers pitched in with their own suggestions for #SalonArticles that could help salve the butthurt.

Let’s hope Patton Oswalt is white, male and American. He is? Somewhere, Salon contributor David Sirota is taking notes for his next article.