No, but he is a jackass.

There is evidently no low too low for Matt Yglesias:

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 2.49.57 PM

[Editor’s note: Twitchy redacted Howley’s phone number.]

LOL! Publishing reporters’ personal information is hilarious! Particularly if they work for that icky Daily Caller:

So mature.

Oh, snap!

Extremely pathetic.

He claims he doesn’t do very much reporting? We can’t argue with that. And anyway, it’s probably tough to make time for reporting when you’re so busy being a colossal douchenozzle.

Just pathetic.




Yglesias whines:

Except it wasn’t an office phone number:

Still think releasing someone’s private number’s no big deal, Matty? Prove it:

We’ll wait.



Matty’s feeling chatty:

So call him, maybe. But only during business hours.


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