Van Jones is angry. Granted, he’s a volcano of unjustified pseudo-racist fury on a good day, but tonight he’s extra-indignant.

Apparently, he doesn’t like it when conservatives express disgust at welfare dependency and people who abuse the system. In his mind, this is evidence that we’re callous and hate poor people, and he has a Media Matters reel of Fox News clips to prove it! We all know how much Media Matters cares about fair-minded portrayals of the right, so its two-second snippets must be emblematic of our systemic contempt for the impoverished masses, right?

Perhaps the funniest element here is that Jones managed to tick off his atheist followers by seeming to suggest that religious people should have higher moral standards. That didn’t go down well with the heathens, and some are even demanding he retract his tweet.

Either way, Jones needs to get a grip. Conservatives don’t hate poor people, but we do hate the dependency culture and abuse of the system. Some people need food stamps, but if you’re on food stamps and you’re buying a new iPhone, then you’re taking food out of the mouths of people who really need it. On top of that, we create more poverty every day with high taxes that prop up a poorly organized, inefficient welfare state. There is nothing “compassionate” about continuing that vicious cycle.

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