Jay Leno is on his way out as host of the “Tonight Show,” but for now he’s sitting pretty at the top of the late-night heap. Meanwhile, sneering left-wing misogynist David Letterman continues to drag his Worldwide Pants through the conservative-bashing gutter and just can’t seem to keep up in the ratings.

In total viewers, Leno’s 3.575 million (up 2% from last year) was well out in front of Letterman (2.767 million) and Kimmel (2.490 million).

Conservative actor Kevin Sorbo linked to an article that asks if Leno’s “conservative-geared jokes have anything to do” with trouncing his late-night competitors. The “Hercules” and “Andromeda” actor’s Facebook post:

I have noticed this as well. Leno getting more conservative and his ratings are going up as Letterman, and his bitterness and bashing of conservatives, his ratings have plummeted.

Leno shoots for equal-opportunity comedy; Letterman is a nasty creep who doesn’t go in for equal opportunity or comedy.


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