Oh, CNN! As Twitchy reported Saturday, a Boeing 777 crashed at San Fransisco International Airport. Two fatalities have been confirmed. To CNN, the most pressing issue was whether or not to call the tragic crash “horrifying.”

This. Is. CNN.

As usual, Wolf Blitzer’s coverage put the absurd icing on the ridiculous cake.


But wait, there was more.


Well, it’s not like it was horrifying or anything, right CNN?

Facts shmacts!

Math. It’s so very hard.




You can just picture Wolf twirling his hair madly.

Twitter users sum up CNN’s coverage in a snarky nutshell:


Tell us how you really feel!

Mr. Blitzer, blissfully self-unaware, tweeted this out:

An exit response:

CNN fail once again.

Editor’s note: Typo fixed in headline


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