Unlike that shocking Michelle Malkin person, Def Jam co-founder and yogi Russell Simmons teaches his children to meditate, not shoot. What he teaches your kids is yet to be seen, but we didn’t see a lot of meditating going on in the preview for “B-Rock,” an animated series coming “soon” to Simmons’ All Def Digital YouTube channel.

What we do see is President Obama trading in his mom jeans and skeet shooting gear for what looks to be a full-auto firearm. No worries, though: “B-Rock” is “outrageous, irreverent, and hilarious.” Because “sometimes the President needs to put down his ego-suppressing Cool cigarettes and get ‘gangsta,’ transforming into the trash-talking, butt-kicking, doorag-wearing gangsta, B-ROCK.”

The trailer actually premiered last month but hasn’t made much of a dent in the public consciousness. Simmons theorized that YouTube’s counter must be stuck.