Yes, who would have thunk it? As Twitchy reported Tuesday, pro-aborts advocating for late-term abortion at the Texas Capitol burst into a chant of “Hail Satan” as pro-life citizens were singing “Amazing Grace.” No, seriously.

Hmm. Funny that. But no worries! The sane on Twitter are rightly calling it out themselves.

Yes it is, in some tailored trends.


Citizens sum up the unhinged nature of the pro-abort Left in one hashtag.

Zing! But, wait! There may be a tussle over that slogan:


When hashtags collide!


Ha! But it is easy to understand why:

Beautiful. Keep exposing yourselves, pro-aborts! Hey, will Democrats (and the Wendy Davis hero-worshipping media) finally distance themselves?

That’s right. Make them play by their own rules. You are all the unhinged fringe now.

Editor’s note: Post has been amended to clarify tailored trends.


‘Hail Satan’: Abortion supporters troll pro-lifers outside Texas Capitol