Texas lawmakers return for another special session Monday to vote on legislation that would limit abortion after 20 weeks and would put some safety standards in place for abortion clinics. After a screeching mob and a filibuster by late-term abortion proponent Wendy Davis shut down voting the first time around, Gov. Perry called for this special session and haters crawled out of the woodwork, natch. Safe, legal and rare? Ha!

Governor Perry took to Twitter to get the news out about #Stand4Life and to post an amazing must-see video.

Beautiful indeed. All life is precious, contrary to what the morally bankrupt pro-abortion evangelists claim.

Citizens on Twitter are declaring that they also #Stand4Life and do not #StandWithWendy (unlike the OFA-run @BarackObama Twitter account.)

Yes. As Kirsten Powers said, “You claim abortion is good for women. Square that with gendercide.”

They can’t. Nor can Ms. Davis answer a key question posed by Laura Ingraham. Remember, members of the media and the Left (concentric circles on a Venn diagram) have been “energized” by Ms. Davis’ late-term abortion advocacy: Energized by death.

That says it all.

Twitchy will monitor this story and update with all developments.



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