Unbelievable, yet totally believable. This is your legacy, Gloria Steinem. “Feminist” Jessica Valenti tweeted this Monday morning:

Repugnant. Try worrying less about pink soles and more about actual souls. As Twitchy reported Monday morning, Sen. Ted Cruz, Governor Perry and those with a moral compass are doing just that using the hashtag #Stand4Life. Texas lawmakers are holding another special session on legislation that would limit abortion after 20 weeks and would put in place some basic safety standards for abortion clinics.

That doesn’t suit! You see, the pro-abortion evangelists continue to display their moral bankruptcy. They do not care about women. They do not care about children. They care only about The Cause ™. The end justifies the means, even if the means are dead viable babies and injured, or killed, women.


Citizens help expose what #StandWithWendy really stands for and what is really sickly “energizing” the pro-abortion Left. Hint: It is not For The Women ™.

Wow! You’ve come a long way, baby! Now get back in the kitchen and let President Obama call you to pat you on your purty little heads.

Safe, legal and rare? Baloney.


Speaking of Gosnell …

Graphic, yes. We must not hide from harsh truths.

But, hey … sneakers! Or something.

Remember that.

And never forget that the Left and the media are swooning over a woman who is advocating for late-term abortion and unsafe clinics for women. War on women? Look no further.


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