Mouth-foaming misogynist actor Alec Baldwin bid farewell to Twitter (again) after unleashing a torrent of violent, anti-gay hate on a Daily Mail writer this week. On Friday, he explained that in his culture, “toxic little queen” doesn’t mean what you think it means and there was no “homophobic connotation” in suggesting his target would enjoy a foot inserted where the sun don’t shine.

Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria, insisted Alec couldn’t possibly have used anti-gay slurs because “almost all of my best friends are gay.” (Flashback: When Baldwin was accused of a racist rant, he played the “some of my best grants are black” card.)

GLAAD finally weighed in, offering Baldwin a “Get Out of Homophobia Jail Free” card because, as TMZ put it, “we’re starf**kers.” But once again, Capital One’s pitiful PR machine has remained mum on its pitchman’s bigoted meltdown.

Way to go, Capital One!

But since Capital One does have a social media presence, the Twitterverse isn’t about to let it go to waste. Capital One tweets questions, Twitter users respond with mockery:

Others suggest new slogans for the conspicuously silent Capital One.

Parting thoughts for the flack behind the Capital One Twitter account: