Africans anxious to greet President Obama on his trip through Senegal yesterday managed to strike nerves and tickle funny bones simultaneously yesterday with T-shirts reading, “Welcome home, Mr. President.” Another American president, though, has made Africa a sort of second home as well. Despite the Daily Beast last summer framing it as a “new” initiative, former President George W. Bush has quietly made several trips to the continent over the years to help fight the spread of AIDS and promote women’s health.

The Bush Center today tweeted a photo of Bush, who doesn’t care about black people, helping renovate the Mosi-Oa-Tunya clinic in Livingstone, Zambia, which screens women for cervical cancer — not quite the picture of the GOP’s “war on women” we’re used to seeing stateside. The president was assisted by volunteers from the Bush Institute and Southern Methodist University.

The media wasted no time spreading around Bush’s paintings stolen by a hacker from private email accounts, but we thought this picture of the president with a brush was worth sharing as well.