Fox News’ Brit Hume posed that question to Twitter liberals. You see, as Twitchy has reported, Wendy Davis has grossly attained hero status in the alleged minds of many liberals. Why? For a filibuster to kill a bill that would protect unborn babies from being killed in the womb after 20 weeks. Morally bankrupt much?

Hume snarkily wondered why her filibuster was totally hunky-dory (Hint: Because abortion). Enter trolls!

Oh man. You stepped in it now, dude. No one can take on Twitter trolls with as much aplomb as Mr. Hume can.

Read. And learn!

Silly is one (awesome) way to put it.



Facts are hard to the Left.

Sigh. The tired and lame Fox News slam appears, natch.


Well, to be fair, that’s because you were confusing him with pesky facts and logic and such, Mr. Hume. Also, you totally took him to the woodshed as only you can.

Hume then points out a particularly nasty piece of Twitter work.

The Twitter user deleted the horrible tweet, but others captured it in all its foul glory before the account was suspended:

A tapeworm.

As Brit Hume himself would say, “this is where the culture of abortion can lead.

Never change, Mr. Hume.


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