As Twitchy reported, last night, a shrieking mob of pro-abortion activists disrupted the Texas state senate’s vote on S.B. 5, which would restrict most abortions starting at a gestational age of 20 weeks. Due to the protesters’ deafening outbursts and State Senator Wendy Davis’ filibuster, the bill was unable to come to a full vote before the special legislative session expired.

And according to Ana Marie Cox, that’s something to celebrate. This morning, she tweeted that she couldn’t contain her joyful tears over the fact that “women’s voices still matter.” Or, put another way, the sanctioning of late-term abortion is something beautiful.

She continued her disgusting victory dance:

(Davis notably wore pink sneakers during her bold, hours-long stand against the unborn.)

Such integrity!

All about the lady parts.

Part of a culture of death, perhaps?

Oh, and for those of you questioning Cox’s judgment, this ought to settle any doubts once and for all:

Just pathetic.



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