As Twitchy reported, the “non-partisan” (wink wink, nudge nudge!) organizing for Action-run @BarackObama Twitter account tweeted out support for Texas lawmaker Wendy Davis and her filibuster to kill a bill that would have limited abortion after 20 weeks.

Pathetic indeed.

Even more pathetic? The tweet does have the tacit support of the president. Why? He refuses to distance himself from the Twitter account, which many still believe is the official Barack Obama account.

Media believe it as well.

More from Huffington Post:

President Barack Obama’s official Twitter account expressed support Tuesday for Wendy Davis, the Texas Democrat aiming to filibuster a GOP-backed abortion bill in the state legislature.

Huffington Post does go on to mention that the account is run by Organizing for Action, yet it still refers to it as President Obama’s “official Twitter account.”

The Huffington Post isn’t alone.

The Washington Post:

Instead of succeeding in putting one over on the women of Texas under cover of darkness (yet, anyway), this rushed session drew national attention to the cause. President Obama even tweeted to “#StandWithWendy,” saying that “Something special is happening in Austin tonight.”


In a show of support for Davis, President Barack Obama tweeted Tuesday night: “Something special is happening in Austin tonight. #StandWithWendy”

The Daily Beast:

By Tuesday afternoon, Davis was trending on Twitter, and fellow Democrats, famous and unknown, were lending their support with the #StandWithWendy hashtag. President Obama weighed in by tweeting, “Something special is happening in Austin tonight.”

The Guardian:

US president Barack Obama earlier tweeted his support for Davis.

“Something special is happening in Austin tonight,” Obama wrote, adding the hashtag #standwithwendy, which was trending worldwide on Twitter.

Stop, our aching sides! This “non-partisan” account continues to troll the GOP as well.

On the plus side, is the media being honest for once and admitting that Team Obama is behind the “non-partisan” and “independent” account?


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