No, not  “awesome” and not just polite “applause.” More like screams, shouts, stomping, and tantrums. As the Texas Democrats’ stalling tactics ran dry and the clock neared midnight, protesters and sit-in participants in the Lone Star State’s capitol building turned up the mob noise. Supporters of pro-abortion legislator Wendy Davis’s filibuster of S.B. 5 — which would restrict most abortions past 20 weeks in a bid to stop the next butchering Kermit Gosnell — issued explicit calls for undemocratic disruption of civil order.

Here’s what one Texas Teamster advocated:

Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards egged them on, too:


Others echoed the “rush the floor” sentiment:

In the aftermath of the screamfest, confusion ensued. Reporters and legislators could not agree whether the final vote took place before midnight or whether adjournment (sine die) had occurred.

To quote the hit Robin Thicke song, there were plenty of Blurred Lines:

You can say that again:

Punches are flying now:


The Democrats give thanks:

As the dust settles in the wee hours of the morning, a picture’s worth a thousand words. Let this voice rise above all the anti-S.B 5 screamers:


Final verdict on whether the vote took place in time:

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