By the time Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis’ epic pro-abortion filibuster passed 10 hours, it had captured the attention of national legislators and celebrities. Henry Winker is among those giving Davis a thumbs up.

“General Hospital” actress Nancy Lee Grahn was inspired to use words we’ve never heard before.

The bladder-bursting effort to keep all of Texas’ abortion clinics free from additional regulation also caught the attention of @barackobama (no relation to President Barack Obama, of course), who called the filibuster “something special.”

The live stream available on YouTube attracted nearly 100,000 simultaneous viewers just before midnight Eastern.

wendy davis youtube

Prepare for a lot of tweets including the words “Davis” and “2016.”

Also expect quite a few news stories on how Davis won the heart of America with her principled stand, but know the adoration wasn’t universal.