Paging the IRS: Can we get a ruling on this?

Ace of Spades HQ co-blogger John Ekdahl did some poking around and discovered that the Mayors Against Illegal Guns website appears to be registered to New York City and hosted on city servers. The Nanny Bloomberg-founded gun-control organization has 501(c)4 status, just like  Tea Party groups targeted by the IRS.

Is it legal to use New York City taxpayer-funded resources for the radically anti-gun website that promotes national gun-control legislation? And is that what’s happening? According to the group’s latest financial disclosure available at GuideStar, it spent over $80,000 on its website in 2011. Right now there are more questions than answers, but Twitter activists are working on piecing this together.

Two New York City IT officials are listed as the technical contacts for the domain: Yisroel Hecht, Associate Commissioner, Network & Telecommunications and Dan Srebnick, Associate Commissioner, IT Security Division.

More from Ekdahl’s preliminary research:

Among the key questions:

Ekdahl promises more on this.

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A Twitchy reader passed along this image of the ARIN info:

In the comment section, Gifted Placebo writes:

Just to be clear on the ARIN update, for the non-technical. While domain registrars manage domain names, ARIN manages who owns blocks of IP addresses. That screen shot shows that NYC IT owns the entire Class B of The MAIG website is on – part of that Class B. This would indicate that not only are NYC resources being used for managing the domain registration, but NYC resources are being used for physical hosting, possibly including the server, bandwidth, etc. A reverse lookup of the IP shows an alternate name for the server of

The plot thickens.


More plot-thickening: The website for Renew Our Economy, another Bloomberg project, is registered to MAIG.


Over at Ace of Spades HQ: “At best, this is really sloppy. At worst, this could be pretty serious.” Read the whole thing.