Squee-fodder activate! John Stamos teased that swoon-worthy news via Twitter on Tuesday morning. A “Full House” Jesse and the Rippers reunion? Have mercy!


Twitter users still love Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky. As Twitchy readers know, they delight in the awesome Twitter-banter between the pair. And Stamos recently divulged that cast mate Lori Loughlin may have been “the one who got away.”


Fans prepared to throw their iPanties on stage:


Truth or tease? Well, they are going to have to make it happen somehow regardless.



Heh. Don’t mess with Stamos’ hair! Just ask Mika.

Stamos also upped the squee factor with on-scene photos from Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival 2013 in Manchester, Tennessee.

at bonnaroo saving @bobsaget 's act once again!  #mybrotherkilled

We do too. Full Buddies!



Stamos continued posting great photos:

tom petty show at bonnaroo  amazing as always yet heartbreaking.

either im at bonnaroo or I'm very lost.

He also helped drum up followers for his co-star Callie Thorne.

Smart move posting that photo, Ms. Thorne!


And only John Stamos would discover racist goods at a fireworks store. He’s just that good.

Back to Bonnaroo …

doesn't tom petty and band have anything better to do than photobomb me and @bobsaget  #bonnaroo

Ha! Stamos is a huge fan of the photobomb.

Keep tweeting, Stamos. And make that tour happen!


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