Seriously. Sarah Palin continues to live rent-free in the alleged minds of liberals. As Twitchy reported, Joan Walsh won the idiotic tweet of the day yesterday with her pitiful attempted slam of Sarah Palin.

She continued Monday morning.

Her “article” reads like a Brady Bunch-inspired school girl slam book: Sarah, Sarah, Sarah!

Ding, ding, ding! Also, racism or something:

Sarah Palin is back! Not only did she get another Fox News contract, she was the star of Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Conference this past weekend for her slashing attacks not only on President Obama and Democrats but on Republican sellouts (and 2016 hopefuls) like Jeb Bush. Watching Palin gleefully take on Bush, who made a dumb comment about needing immigration reform because immigrants are “more fertile” than native-born Americans, I realized that Palin’s star really is rising again, at a time of heightened racial insecurity on the white far-right. They need a hero, and here she is again.

I stopped paying much attention to Palin around the time she self-destructed by trying to make herself the victim after the attempted assassination of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the shooting of 18 other people in Tucson, Ariz., in January 2011. After that, not only my attention but others’ seemed to drift away. She declared that she wouldn’t run for president, surprising no one, her spots on Fox News became less frequent (to her loud complaints) and, ultimately, the right-wing network didn’t renew her contract (though it was stated as her choice; she was going on to better things). I thought maybe Palin didn’t matter anymore.

Oh, sweetie. Stopped paying attention? It’s hilarious how much attention someone so “irrelevant” receives. Y’all can’t seem to get her out of your minds. Walsh then goes on to sneer at Sarah Palin’s mere mention of fertility. Which is also weird: Aren’t women supposed to be reduced to the sum of their lady parts? That’s what the Left tries to teach us! But, we suppose discussions of fertility are a no-no, since that might lead to one of those pesky punishing babies.

Twitter users notice a little something: Someone is jealous!

And win:

Oh, Joan. Bless your precious and green with envy heart.


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