In a scene reminiscent of the SEIU’s siege of a Bank of America executive’s home in 2010, a mob of around 300 open borders protesters from across the country today descended on the home of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who is also counsel to the Immigration Law Reform Institute and, according to the following tweets from 501(c)3 Sunflower Community Action, the “King of Hate.”

We found out where he lived and we came to visit him,” says a videographer before being herded back to a line of buses. Others left shoes on Kobach’s front steps to “symbolize all the fatherless families due to deportations” — as if trespassing en masse for the lack of a fence and then making demands wasn’t metaphor enough. It’s unclear if Kobach or his wife or four children were home at the time.

If you didn’t think that the thug-style tactics of “delivering a message” through mob intimidation were the Kansas way, we have news for you: that border’s wide open, and we’re all living in Chicago now.