Oh, snap! Kristina Ribali, director of new media at FreedomWorks, has a real challenge for those members of Congress choosing to live on the equivalent of food stamp benefits for a week: put people to work so they can feed themselves.

Cory Booker, the Newark, N.J., mayor who recently announced his inevitable run for Senate, was among the first politicians to take the so-called SNAP Challenge, vowing to live on a food budget of $35 a week (for one week). Rep. Eleanor Norton gave the challenge a shot this week to highlight proposed cuts to the food stamp program in the Farm Bill, choosing to blow $5 of her $31.50 budget on a pint of blueberries. (For his part, vegetarian Booker ate up a third of his food budget with a bottle of imported olive oil.)

We’re not ones to tell people how to spend their money. But the taxpayers’ money? Ribali has some suggestions.

Another caveat that was lost on many who followed Booker’s lean week: the “S” in SNAP stands for supplemental.


So, what’s for dinner? Blueberries in olive oil?

If Ribali can come in $52 under budget and have food left over, imagine what this approach could do government-wide.


Ribali is currently writing up an account of her SNAP Challenge, but for now we’ll give Iowahawk the final word.