Remember when President Obama’s 20-day Hawaiian family vacation cost taxpayers an estimated $4 million? As it turns out, that was chicken feed.

The Washington Post is reporting that the First Family’s upcoming trip to Africa could cost the government — and ultimately us taxpayers — between $60 million and $100 million dollars.

Fiscally irresponsible? You bet. But before you get too upset, consider this: According to WaPo, the Obamas had originally planned to go on safari in Tanzania, but when the newspaper started asking questions about the cost, the White House put the kibosh on that. So, you see, the Obamas are making sacrifices, too! Well, sort of:

If they admit they don’t “have a limitless supply of assets,” why do they jump at every opportunity to treat American citizens like the White House’s collective piggy bank? When it comes to sympathy, just like our bank accounts, we’re all tapped out — and really ticked off:

Then again: