CBS News’ Mark Knoller has some good advice for those planning to read the 1,992-page immigration reform bill that moved forward in the Senate today by a vote of 84-15; you can skip straight ahead to page 845 and not miss anything. That must be where all the stuff about making border security the top priority was before they scribbled it out.

Sen. Chuck Shumer of the Gang of 8 isn’t the only one doing a victory lap. The totally non-political non-profit known as @BarackObama was celebrating as well.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid hears music.

Sen. Marco Rubio, of course, was the GOP’s front man on the issue, appearing virtually everywhere to sell the plan to skeptical conservatives; however, the man who seemed to be on the short list for a 2016 run hasn’t impressed those who were counting on him to stand up to the wobbly D.C. establishment.

Sen. Chuck Grassley’s tweets might not always be the most eloquent, but he wins with his brief analysis of where the country stands.

On immigration reform or anything else, for that matter.

Some among the GOP expressed guarded enthusiasm for moving forward with debate, at least. Forgive us for not getting a thrill up the leg at the mere mention of the word “bipartisan,” though.

Sen. John Cornyn is arguing that something has to change.

But back to Rubio. Few expected more from the other members of the Gang of 8, but Rubio owns this legislation, and he’ll own the consequences.

Ouch. Warren Buffett’s #45 hashtag welcoming Hillary Clinton to Twitter was bad enough last night, but #HillarySmiling is more than we can take.

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