At long last, the wait is over: Hillary Clinton has officially joined the Twitterati. And according to her bio, she’s been quite the busy little bee:

Hillary Clinton Twitter

She’s even possibly dropping a big hint about her future ambitions:

Oddly enough, though, no mention of Benghazi in her bio. Oh well. What difference, at this point, does that make? Her Twitter foray is swoonworthy enough!

Blue check? Consider it done:

Hillary Clinton Twitter

But is that little blue checkmark going to be enough to convince everyone that @HillaryClinton is the real deal?


It may be tough to take the bio seriously, but for many people, it’s even more difficult to take the woman seriously:

Case in point, her first tweet:

“I’ll take it from here.” We assume that by “it” she does not mean “responsibility.”

This should be fun.