Remember that tidbit about the Chinese president deciding not to sleep over at the lush Sunnylands estate with President Obama because of concerns of eavesdropping? Maybe that wasn’t such a bad idea. According to a series of tweets by Atlantic editor-at-large Steve Clemons, U.S. intel officials aren’t very careful about speaking their minds in public.

Recent news stories suggest this might not be the best time to report on conversations that aren’t flattering to the administration (and/or compromise national security). That guy who made that YouTube video that caused the Benghazi attack? He might be getting a cell mate soon.

So, is this a case of intelligence officials letting something slip in public, or is it just some guys being loud?

Unfortunately, they weren’t loud enough. Clemons is currently looking to clean up the audio before posting, but stay tuned (and don’t tell secrets in airport lounges, just in case).