We’ve seen a couple of celebrities break with the Obama administration when it comes to issues of civil liberties, but the usual script (as followed by the media) is to blame Bush. Alec Baldwin doesn’t always follow the script, though, and he found a way to use the administration’s collection of Verizon phone records to troll Sen. Lindsey Graham, who told “Fox and Friends” Thursday morning that he supports the analysis of phone records if the surveillance is limited to preventing terrorism.

“I’m glad the NSA is trying to find out what the terrorists are up to overseas and in our country,” said Graham, handily giving critics of the surveillance program a target other than President Obama to ridicule.

Baldwin would almost certainly urge his followers not to resort to crass gay-baiting, but much like Obama, he’s probably not aware of what his followers are doing.

Mother Jones’ David Corn has done well with hidden cameras and secret recordings, so he too can see the funny side of government spying.

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