Fox News’ Martha MacCallum isn’t the only one using her platform to ask, “Really, IRS?

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa didn’t mince words on Thursday morning at a hearing on the scandal-plagued IRS.

Issa blasted the agency for lavish conference spending and failure to report employee perks.

To find out that not only does the IRS take your money, not give you proper answers, and then when it comes to tens of millions of dollars, use it in a way that is at best maliciously self-indulgent. To spend more than you would have spent by normal negotiations for rooms is unthinkable for any agency, but when it’s the IRS and they give to their own employees benefits such as local employees in Anaheim and then fail to file W-2s for that income, the IRS effectively was guilty of tax evasion.

Issa also pointed out that taxpayers don’t get to use the “I dunno” excuse and the IRS shouldn’t get that out either. Watch the video:

Later in the hearing, Issa continued with the tax evasion theme as he grilled Faris “Spock” Fink, the commissioner of the IRS division that ran the conference.

Just as we’d expect from the bold congressman:


Mock Spock: Issa reminds Americans what IRS division head was doing during wasteful conferences

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