MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell obviously hasn’t taken Twitter’s advice on tweeting while he’s, um, exhausted. His tweet tonight equating the 9/11 attacks with Benghazi might make sense if there weren’t copious evidence that the U.S. consulate in Libya had advance warning that terrorists were gearing up for an attack. And in retrospect, Mayor Rudy Giuliani could have told firefighters to stand down and not attempt a rescue at Ground Zero, and then gone to bed.

No, scratch that earlier point: there’s no way O’Donnell’s tweet makes any sense at all aside from it being a classic case of a cornered Obama lapdog reflexively lashing out.

Didn’t you hear the man? Giuliani attacked President Obama. That’s even worse than killing firefighters.

Eric Bolling of Fox News’ “The Five” calls O’Donnell’s tweet “the most indecent comment ever uttered from MSNBC” — no small feat there. He also mentions something about a punch in the face that might have some imagining a great way to boost O’Donnell’s ratings.

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