We do. And Rep. Gowdy’s statement at the IRS hearing Thursday afternoon is truly a must-see.

It was incredibly powerful. Watch and see for yourself, but be sure to have some tissues handy:

Passionate and fierce. Rep. Gowdy (R-S.C.) spoke for all Americans. Rep. Gowdy spoke For the Women in the real way, not the Obama way. Rep. Gowdy cares for the most vulnerable in the real way. Rep. Gowdy delivered  a boom-worthy statement blasting the IRS that will be, and should be, remembered for a long time to come. Everyone in America needs to see this indeed.

Twitter users were watching.


Gowdy lives in the real world and cares about people, not bloated bureaucracies. It’s a little thing called character, which the IRS clearly does not have as Gowdy pointed out.

And boom:

Citizens applauded Gowdy and rightly so.



Hope. The real kind.


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